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Dealing with the Administration and Probate of an Estate

The death of a loved one is always a very difficult time. As well as having time to grieve and deal with the loss, the most immediate family members also need to take care of the practical issues that arise regarding the will and estate.

When someone passes away, everything they owned is known as their estate. Their estate is made up of assets such as money, both as cash and anything kept in the bank; any money owed to the person; property; shares; and personal possessions, such as jewellery or a car. If the person who has passed away owes any money, for example to a credit card or a loan, this will come out of the estate.

Administrators and executors

The person who handles someone’s estate is called the administrator or executor. The administrator is responsible for taking care of all tax and legal affairs related to the estate. This can be a large task to take on at what is already a difficult time.

An executor is chosen by the deceased in their Will to deal with the estate. This makes the process easier for those handling the Will. It also means that the deceased’s wishes will be carried out by someone they had personally chosen to do so. The named person may have to apply for special legal authority to deal with the estate, which is called probate.

The administrator is the person who deals with the estate under different circumstances. For example, when the Will doesn’t name an executor, or those who have been named do not wish to undertake the responsibility. An administrator will usually then be chosen by the courts. They will then have to receive letters of administration rather than probate.

However, this doesn’t mean that administration is any worse than if an executor has been chosen. The process will still carry out the wishes of the deceased as recorded in their Will, with the letters of administration essentially granting the same powers as probate.

Last Will And Testament Documents

Probate services

At Anglia Probate, we specialise in handling estates in the difficult period following a person’s death. We understand that you need caring, considerate help and advice during this emotional time. Our administration and probate services take care of all the practical issues so you can focus on grieving.

You’ll receive efficient, friendly and sympathetic services when you need them the most, always at a fixed fee. Whether you’re named as an executor or have appointed an administrator, the help of our probate specialists is invaluable in making sure that the wishes in your loved ones will are carried out faithfully.

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