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Probate Services

Probate Services

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can be a hugely unsettling and emotional time. For those coming to terms with the death of a spouse or family member, it’s important that you can depend on a professional to provide caring, considered advice and assistance with the administration and Probate of their estate.

When someone dies there are many practical issues to attend to which are the legal duty and responsibility of their personal representatives or Executor(s). At Anglia Probate & Trusts, we are committed to overseeing all aspects of administering your loved one’s estate so that you can focus on dealing with your loss. From registering the death and obtaining copies of the Death Certificate to distributing the estate and arranging the funeral service, our experienced team can keep things moving with speed and professionalism.

Our fixed-fee Probate services offer friendly, efficient and sympathetic advice and assistance at a time when you need it most. Whatever the size or nature of your loved one’s estate we are here to help. For experienced and compassionate Probate and estate administration support, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

What are the main benefits of our Probate and Estate Administration services?

  • Comprehensive funeral arrangements and settlement of funeral costs from the estate, taking the emotional strain from you and your family
  • Professional assistance to apply for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration; including direct liaison with the Inland Revenue and the Probate Courts, if necessary
  • Direct handling of all relevant persons and organisations e.g. banks, life assurance companies, employers, local authorities, Inland Revenue etc.
  • Efficient preparation of all forms required by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to establish whether any Inheritance Tax or Income Tax is payable or due for rebate to the estate.
  • Completion of all Probate forms, as requested by the Probate Registry.
  • Experienced in selling properties owned by the deceased, arranging specialist insurance whilst the building sits empty and handling any conveyancing issues on your behalf.

Our approach to Probate services

Whether your loved one’s personal and financial affairs are straightforward or complex, At Anglia Probate & Trusts our professional and compassionate team can assist with all aspects of their estate administration. Our experts, led by owner Ray Pettitt, will arrange an initial face-to-face consultation at a time and location that suits you; either in your own home or at our offices in Rushmere St Andrew, Ipswich.

From there on we offer a transparent fixed-fee Probate and estate administration service, keeping you and your family up-to-date on our progress at every stage of the process. We prepare personal applications with the utmost care and attention to detail; none of which detracts from your duties as Executor(s). We will never handle any client money and all assets materialised are in the name of the applicant.

As part of our estate administration services, our sister company can advise beneficiaries on Inheritance Tax planning and ensure that any inheritance received is held in the most tax efficient manner.

Probate and Estate Administration FAQs=How do I know if Probate is necessary?

  • Even if your loved one left a Will, many estates are still required to go through Probate. The purpose of a Will is to ensure your loved one’s wishes regarding the inheritance of their estate are carried through. However, a Grant of Probate is a necessary legal document which enables ownership of the assets to be formally transferred from the deceased to the Executors, before being distributed accordingly.
  • What happens if the person who died didn’t leave a Will?
    If your loved one passed away without leaving a legally valid Will, their wishes will not be formally documented. In this instance, the Rules of Intestacy must apply, with the law deciding who gets what. As estate administrators, at Anglia Probate & Trusts we can apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration to secure the legal authority to deal with your loved one’s estate.
  • What is a Deed of Variation?
    In some cases, beneficiaries of an inheritance may wish to gift money or assets to other family members, or even a charitable organisation. This could be because they feel someone has been wrongly left out of a Will or the intestacy ruling didn’t reflect the wishes of their loved one. A Deed of Variation can solve this by enabling a beneficiary to give money or assets to a nominated individual tax-free, with any subsequent tax owed taken from their loved one’s estate.
  • What does the nil-rate band mean?
    Married couples and civil partners are entitled to an Inheritance Tax-free estate allowance of £325,000 per person. A recent change to the nil-rate band means that any unused allowance on the first death of a married couple or civil partnership can be carried forward and claimed on the second death. E.g. if a woman passes away and leaves her full estate to her husband, the combined allowance that can be claimed against the husband’s estate is £650,000.