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Will Writing Services

Will Writing Services

It is never too early to start planning for the future. Writing a Will is one of the most important documents that you will ever make, providing a clear and official statement of how you wish your estate to be shared by your loved ones. Put simply, if you don’t make a Will, you cannot guarantee that the assets you’ve worked so hard for will be given to your intended beneficiaries when you die.

It’s important to ensure that your young children are looked after should the worst happen; and that the right people take care of your affairs and assets to avoid them ending up in the hands of distant relatives. Writing a Will is recommended for everyone, even if you don’t believe you have much of an estate to leave your loved ones.

Our fixed-fee Will writing services are thorough, compassionate and highly-professional. We work to ensure your wishes are expressed in a legal document that guarantees your intended beneficiaries receive their planned inheritance. If you are keen to finalise a Will, giving you and your family genuine peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today.

What are the main benefits of making a Will?

  • The ability to appoint Guardians or Trusts to look after your minor children or grandchildren
  • The freedom to nominate trusted Executors to control your affairs and lifelong assets
  • The chance to specify physical and financial gifts to family, friends and connected charities
  • The opportunity for business owners to begin succession planning
  • The relief of protecting your assets from Local Authorities and care costs
  • The reassurance that your family will fully understand your personal wishes
  • The confirmation that you are taking full advantage of all available tax reliefs, allowances and exemptions

Our approach to Will writing

Whether your personal and financial affairs are straightforward or complex, at Anglia Probate & Trusts we will arrange an initial face-to-face consultation to listen to your circumstances and discuss the options available.

From there on we offer a transparent fixed-fee Will writing service, conducting appointments in your home or at our offices, at a time that suits you best.

Throughout every step of the Will writing process we will listen to your wishes and ensure they are documented appropriately.

Will writing FAQs

  • Can I change my Will? If so, how many times?
    Yes, absolutely. If at any time you have something new to add to your Will, or you wish to make changes to your existing Will, our team work efficiently to make the necessary changes with 100% accuracy.
  • How many Executors can I have in my Will?
    You may have up to four Executors acting on your behalf at any time. However, it’s important to note that all Executors must make joint decisions, so it may not be practical to appoint that many people. Most people nominate at least two Executors though e.g. their spouse or civil partner and one or more of their children.
  • What’s the point of a Will? Everything will be given to my next of kin anyway!
    That’s not strictly true. Without a Will to nominate beneficiaries of your estate, there is always a risk that it does not reach your intended loved ones. The laws of intestacy come into play if you die without making a Will. This means that a court could rule your estate to be shared between your wife and your children, rather than solely your spouse, which may have been your preference.
  • Can I incorporate my funeral wishes into my Will?
    Yes, it is possible to include how you would like your funeral arranged. However, you should note that this facet of your Will is only an expression of a wish in the eyes of the law and is not legally binding on your Executors.
  • Can an Executor of my Will also be a Beneficiary?
    Yes, that is not a problem. It is very common for a spouse, partner or civil partner to be nominated as your Executor to take charge of your affairs and be the main Beneficiary, as they have a vested interest in your estate.
  • Why is my solicitor or accountant appointed as an Executor on my Will?
    Beware! Some professionals will appoint themselves as an Executor on your Will after drafting your legal document. This means they are then legally entitled to charge for the work they do, costing you money unnecessarily, particularly if you have another nominated Executor capable of looking after your affairs i.e. a spouse or close family member.